Sunday, August 24, 2014

Easy backup of your mobile photos

Are you worried about photos on your mobile getting lost? Do you have good backup? Well, Google have got some good and free help for this. And the best part, it happens without you doing anything about it. You take the pictures, Google take care of the backup.
This is the steps:
• sign up for a Google account
• start using Google+
• instal the Google+ app on your mobile phone
• when asked, gain the app access to your album

Google will now take backup of all your photos in the album, and also automatically backup any new photos after you take some new. You will then have the photos in the Google+ app, and can share or copy as you want. If you delete photos from your phone, they will not get deleted from Google.

One tip: Use wifi the first time because if you have a lot of pictures it will be a big amount of data. And over 3G it may cost you some money.