Thursday, June 2, 2011

Having an old PS2 EyeToy cam laying around?

If you happen to have an old EyeToy cam for the PS2, you can use this as a webcam for your Pc. And the quality is good as well.


The blog is back! A year has past, and it has been a stresful year. But soon now I will start posting again. This is the first just to say I'm back.
By the way, I'm now blogging from my iPhone, and it works great!

An iPhone 3G is good enough

I have an iPhone 3G and happy wiht this. I'm not sure why "everybody" want's the new iPhone 4, beacuse the 3G can do almost everything like the 4.

How to stream from Spotify to Wifi-radio

If you have a Wifi-radio, you can stream music from Spotify (or iTunes) to the radio. That means you can have your Pc in your office or something and listen to your music were ever you have your radio. I have a Pinell radio in the kictchen.

New new new

Well, yesterday I started this blog without actually any reason at all. Thought it was great, and went to sleep. But this morning I figured out that I want something else with this blog. So, today I will remove some old post, redesign the themes and make new post.
From now this will be a more technical blog. iPhone, Mac, PC, Amiga, Nintendo, selfmade stuff....I will cover as much as I can. But, it will take some time though. So be patient :)