Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to stream from Spotify to Wifi-radio

If you have a Wifi-radio, you can stream music from Spotify (or iTunes) to the radio. That means you can have your Pc in your office or something and listen to your music were ever you have your radio. I have a Pinell radio in the kictchen.

How to do this:

First you must have a Pc with Windows, Spotify, wireless network, and a wifi-radio.

a) Close Spotify and/or iTunes. Make sure you exit the program.
b) Locate your program folder. This is usually C:/Program files/Spotify/ and C:/Program files/iTunes/
c) Download DSBridge from You need the files "DSound.dll" and "dsbridge.ini". Put these in your Spotify and/or iTunes folder. (You might need to make admin privileges to do this if you use Windows 7)
d) Download Lame MP3 Encoder from you need the file "lame_enc.dll". Put this in your Spotify and/or iTunes folder.
e) Start Spotify or iTunes and play something. You will now se a new icon in your tray, a colored ball. This shows that your streamserver is active.
f) If you have an Internet Radio, go to your Internet radio portal page and find something like My added station, My favorites or something simular (See the instructions for your radio to find the adresses)
g) Find your computers IP adress by click on Start and then type 'CMD' in the search bar and press enter. In the new window, type in 'ipconfig' and press enter. Your IP will be something like 192.168.1.XXX.
h) At your Internet radio portal page, add a new station and call it Spotify or whatever you want. Type in your IP and the port for the streamserver. The port is 8124, so your IP shal look something like The format is MP3 if you have to set this. Save your settings
i) Make sure your WIFI radio is at the same network as your Pc. Find your new added station on your radio and you are ready to go! I have to make sure the music is playing before entering the radio, but this might not be a problem for yoy.
If you have a wifi-radio without internetportal, you should have te opportunity to manual enter the IP for your streamserver direct in the radio menu.

EDIT: If you're having problem, it might be the firewall causing this. Either on your computer or in the router. See this for how to open ports and forward on routers:

Happy listening!


  1. hi,

    I am trying to stream Spotify Premium via DSBridge to my Wlan works for about 30 secs to a minute and then the Wlan Radio does an automatic restart....somehow the stream seems not to run properly on my no name (well Medion P85055 German brand) Wlan Radio.

    I doesn´t belong to the officially compatible Spotify devices....but why should I go ahead an buy something completely new if I am already paying for Spotify Premium?

    Any suggestions - ideas?

    I tried to disable Windows and Norton firewall....unchanged problem....

    Is it about Spotify not being able to play music on desktop PC and on Wlan Radio AT THE SAME TIME?

    Whenever Wlan Radio stream interrupts - so does it on my desktop PC.....

    Your help is very much appreciated!



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  3. Great invention! Thanks. Very much.
    Unfortunately there is four more people in the household using Spotify so the music sometimes gets turned off.
    The second downside is that the pc or laptop has to be turned on. Would there be a way to steer Spotify to the wifihifi from an android tablet? Can one acces Spotify's programfile and add the same files?

  4. Hi this works from my WIN7 Notebook to 20€ little Strembox very well. One step not written above was needed. Had to Forward the serverport through my router to get the stream into wifi Network.
    Thanks a lot for this.
    Greets from Germany

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