Saturday, February 8, 2014

My solar power project

Just started a project where I want to test out solar power. A cheap solar panel that provide 6W is mounted on the south wall of the house.
I had two 12V batteries from some other project, each on 7,5Ah.

All is wired up in a cabinet that I also had from before, and a cable is connected to the outdoor lamp which is fitted with a 12V lamp of 3W.

The controller is bought on eBay. The controller can handle up to 15A.

To do:

* check both batteries (drain is to fast)
* consider a second solar panel (double the effect)
* make nicer wiring
* find other "free" enery sources

Update and more pictures will come.

Update 1:
Checked both batteries, and one is bad. Haven't got a new one so for now just one is installed.
Have also made som rewiring so the size of the cable is the same all over.

Still not so nice inside, but that will be sorted out later.

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