Monday, February 10, 2014

Upgrading iPhone 3G to 7.0

Well... not exactly iOS 7, but pretty close. I'm tying out whited00r 7.0 for iPhone 3G.
I have earlier made my old 3G to a child safe phone, and it has been used very much by my now 4 year old son, and it has just been passed by to my 1 year old son.
I'm not sure if it's just me getting used to my iPhone 5 or if the 3G has started to get slower and slower. After some searching I found Whited00r, and it looks amazing. So I'll try it out, and I'm still going to make the phone child safe. I will not have my kids phoning emergency.

Step 1:
While downloading Whited00r, I'll make a backup of the iPhone with iTools. I choose iTools because I then can take backup of all files, even documents of apps. Since my kids love to use Mxtube, I have to make a backup of those videos and settings also. The cameraroll is also important! (My 4 year old has taken 770 photos with the phone...impressive!)
For MxTube: The videos is located at /Var/Mobile/Media/MxTube and the settings (VideoLibrary.plist) at /Var/Mobile/Library/Preferences/

Step 2:
The files from Whited00r is a .zip, so this need to be unzipped. Inside is all files needed for upgrading the phone.

Step 3:
Use the Redsn0w application and enter DFU-mode. Let the computer install the needed drivers.

Step 4:
iTunes will tell it found an iPhone in restore-mode. Hold the Shift-key and click restore-button. Browes to the Whited00r .ipa file, and iTunes will start upgrading (or restoring) the phone.

To be continued...

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